Sunday, June 26, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Eight True Blood Season 4 Premiere, 'True Blood' Season 4 Premiere Photos, Watch the First 8 Minutes of True Blood's Season 4 Premiere, True Blood Season 4: HBO Makes It Official. The "True Blood" Season 4 premiere is almost here, fang fans, and we have one last set of preview clips to whet your appetite. We have seen what Bill and Eric and Jess are up and Hoyt tried to make housework happiness, now let's see what Sam, Pam, and Jesus did in the season premiere.

Sam seems to have made new friends. Did he change shape as well? We hope so, it would be good for Sam to have the kind of support system.

Meanwhile, in Fangtasia, Pam busy being his usual snarky, self-amazing. He makes a good point with Sookie -. "With what you, fairy princess, you need someone or you will not be at all Eric handsome, rich and in his own way he cares about you, he really was."

And finally, our residents are encouraged Lafayette Brujo Jesus to explore his magical abilities and we're not sure how we feel about it. Sure, Lafayette will make a big Wiccan, but we do not fully believe in Jesus. Does not he always like looking suspicious?


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