Thursday, July 14, 2011

Watch Whale Wars Season 4 Episode 5

Watch Whale Wars is a documentary TV series went to the principal about it, and the controversial documentary in which illegal trafficking, and murder the pope. Today, in the public eye should not be blind-fold higher than the government, which manages the deaf, especially the issue of whale killings.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society make every extreme to make the illegal whaling operations extinct. Season four Whale Wars Episode One is the second best documentary series in the United States, is a TV series, including the types of whales around the world. And options for different operations in different regions around who care about the killing and processing whales illegally. This is often one of the simplest of the documentary series, which will open your eyes to what is actually happening in our oceans.

War of the pope will be the fourth season to end whaling in the Antarctic. Group lifesaving whales, also known as "Sea Shepherd" is also doing a lot of media attention because of the sympathy of the people following his campaign. The division is led by Captain Paul Watson and a team of dedicated volunteers. one of the many problems we deal with the team is that the problem of Japanese ships and illegal killing of whales taken in the southern part of Antarctica called the "Whale Sanctuary. now once again, and now will ensure that no one in danger, they will stop the bloodshed once illegal and for all. This may be another season of adrenaline for all the fans out there.

At Whale Watch Season 4 Episode 5 Wars is told that at the time when the damage occurred in one small boat, and Bob Barker 5 hours, all the crew begin to realize they are forced to spend the night at sea. To complicate matters, they were wet and freezing and and early symptoms of hypothermia began to set in..

Hypothermia (from the Greek υποθερμία) is a condition in which the core temperature drops below the temperature needed for normal metabolism and bodily functions are defined as 35.0 ° C (95.0 ° F). Body temperature is usually maintained near a constant level of 36.5 to 37.5 ° C (98-100 ° F) through biologic homeostasis or thermoregulation. If exposed to cold and can not fill the internal mechanism of the heat is being lost, the decline in core temperature occurred. As body temperature decreases, the typical symptoms occur such as shivering and mental confusion.
Hypothermia is the opposite of hyperthermia are present in heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Documenting the lowest temperature of the body where a person has been found is 13.0 ° C (55.4 ° F), in an incident involving a 7-year girl drowned in Sweden in December 2010. So imagine how the atmosphere had to be awakened in this film.

The new season can certainly change the season before all the appealing that you just can not continue, so be sure to see the pope Wars Season 4 Episode 5: The Devils Refrigerators back to June 24, 2011.

Whale Wars S04E5 - Tracking the Enemy Part 1


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