Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dark Knight Batman

The Dark Knight Batman The Dark Knight In Gotham City, the dark knight reviews the dark knight quotes the dark knight trailer the Joker and his men rob a bank used by the local masses as a front for money laundering. Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon decided to enter a new district attorney Harvey Dent, a childhood sweetheart Rachel Dawes dating Bruce Wayne, in their plan to eradicate mafia. Bruce met Dent and offers him a fundraiser after realizing his sincerity. Mob boss Sal Maroni, Gambol, and Chechnya met to discuss the new pressure on the operation of their crimes. Lau, a Chinese mob accountant, telling them that he had to hide their money and fled to Hong Kong in an attempt to preempt Gordon plans to seize their funds and hiding from Dent's jurisdiction. The barge Joker in the meeting, warned that Batman would come after Lau, and instead offers to kill Batman for half of the funds. They flatly refused, and places a bounty on the head Joker Gambol. Not long after that, the Joker kills Gambol and take control of his gang.

Batman arrested Lau in Hong Kong and give him to the Gotham City police, he agreed to testify, allowing Dent and Gordon to capture the mafia in bulk. In retaliation, the issue ultimatum to Gotham Joker that people will die every day unless Batman reveals his identity, resulting in the death of Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb and the judge who presided at the trial mass. Gordon Joker foil assassination attempt on the mayor, seems to die in the process. As a result, Bruce is planning to reveal his identity as Batman, but Dent instead of the name himself as Batman to protect the truth and taken into protective custody. Escorted around the city, chased by the Joker while Dent Batman rushed to help. Gordon, who had faked his death, the arrest with the help of Batman and the Joker was promoted to Commissioner. However, Dent went missing and the Joker reveals that both Dent and Rachel have been taken to separate buildings on opposite sides of the city that will explode at the same time. Batman goes after Rachel, while Gordon and the police went to save Dent. At the same time, the Joker escapes with Lau inmates using smuggled bombs. As the Joker has switched around the location of the hostages, Batman find Dent and save him, even as Dent begs him to save Rachel instead. The building exploded; Rachel was killed, while the half-Dent's face is burned in the blast, leaving him disabled.

After killing Lau and Chechnya, the Joker threatens to destroy a hospital if Coleman Reese, an accountant at Wayne Enterprises who have concluded the identity of Batman, do not die within one hour. Bruce Reese saves, while the Joker visits Dent in the hospital and convinces him to take revenge against those that play a role in the death of Rachel. Joker leaves the hospital and exploded with a busload of hostages, while Dent, now calling himself "Two Faces"-to confront and kill Maroni and one of two corrupt cops who gave him and Rachel to the masses. The Dark Knight (film)


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